Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Old Wiley Videos

The Godfather of the scene!

Wiley Wot U Call It?

Wiley Gangsters

Wiley Bow E3

Wiley Wearing My Rolex

Old Endz Videos

What Endz You Reppin'?

North Weezy

Rep Your Endz - South

Rep Your Endz - North West

Old Skepta Videos

Here are the first few older vids,

Skepta - Private Caller

Skepta - Duppy

Make up for Lost Time...

Im just starting this blog now, and I realize I have a lot to catch up with, a lot of big tunes have come out in the last few years. If I have left out any that you want to see up, comment!

First Post!

Basically this new blog is going to have the very latest in Grime News and New Videos Every Week Enjoy!